Thursday, August 4, 2011

Business Franchise

You do not need to pay a lot of money for franchise fee, no need to rent expensive premises for opening your own store and you do not need vast experience to open a diamond or tour and travel business.
ICL will set it all up for you! We proudly present the ICL Business Franchise Opportunity.. You can start your franchise business just by simply clicking your computer mouse…
You can get your own franchise of a diamond shop, tour,travel and hotel packages on your very own website that offer special discounts. This Business Franchise Privelege is valid for one year and can be renewed annually for just US150.
What a great way to make money!

iDiamond is a premier online diamond store from iCitilife that sells Certified Diamonds as well as fine diamond jewelry. In our online diamond store you can choose from a selection of Certified Diamond Ring, Pendant, Bracelet, Earring, or pre-set fine diamond wedding ring. Made from only the finest precious gemstones, all our jewellery come beautiful packaged in our exclusive set. This collection surely a symbol of true and eternal love.


The ICL Opportunity ... Opportunity. Success. Vision. Integrity. Ambition.
ICL offers an opportunity to live the life you have been waiting for… the chance to finally live the life you deserve…the flexibility to work whenever you want, even from your very home…the freedom of time to enjoy life…the financial freedom to fulfill all of your needs and the brilliant system to make it all possible.
Focusing on the lifestyle-products market, ICL has helped lots of  individuals from all over the world build successful businesses of their own by offering better services and exclusive and satisfying lifestyle products; Individuals, just like you, who are building up  lucrative part-time and full-time businesses.ICL also offers you a system that can work for you 24/7 to give you long-term residual income – Can you imagine waking up from your sleep and having more money in you account? Money working for you and not you working for money. This is the income opportunity ICL will give you;the income with long-lasting power.
Real Products, Real Cash, and Real Fun; ICL is the opportunity you're looking for!

iCitiLife | About

ICL is an innovative e-commerce based business which provides lifestyle products membership programs that offer extraordinary experiences, rewards and recognition. Members have access to redeem products such as luxury diamonds and  exotic vacation getaways. ICL Members will enjoying new experiences with our business franchise menu which they can access from the comfort of their own homes to purchase many products and still receive various discounts.
The program will also give handsome rewards to our Members with our attractive compensation plans, which is an industry first – combining the Board System, Member-get-member commissions, the Binary Plan and also Power Leg plan to fuel your growing business with long-term success, wealth-building income to change your life forever.
These compensation plans were established by a group of professionals who have had long years of industry experience in direct selling and marketing lifestyle products. ICL  thus provides  a gateway to a world of exclusive membership benefits through its versatile business methodology, creating great services and a life-changing financial opportunity for members around the globe. We come with the latest and best innovations that the e-commerce and direct selling industries have to offer.